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Easy to Use In the privacy of your home. No help needed. It provides relief for  internal and external hemorrhoids! Safe, Drug Free 100% Natural .
It is registered with the FDA.

"Cold therapy for hemorrhoids (haemorrhoids/piles) clearly works. The direct application of the cold device provides cooling relief from pain and inflammation, while reducing spasm and promoting the healing and shrinking of swollen hemorrhoidal veins.  It is an important addition to the therapeutic armamentarium for hemorrhoids (haemorrhoids/piles).  I have seen it work, myself."

Mark E. McGovern, (doctor) MD, FACC, FACP
Miami Beach, Florida


The only one with a 100% guarantee. Economical, it is reusable and the only treatment needed.
Odorless. No chemicals.

ANUICE® is a cryogenic device (cold applicator) that reduces inflammation, stops the pain, bleeding and itching. If you have tried, without results, nationally advertised creams , or "miracle herbal products" without FDA registration , you will be glad you found this site. ANUICE® will solve your problem! Guaranteed

ANUICE® will provide relief from the pain and discomfort with the first application. In mild cases, two to four treatments a day (5 to 8 minutes each with one applicator), or one to two treatments a day with two applicators (10 to 16 minutes), for five days are sufficient to reduce the inflammation completely and obtain relief. Serious cases require more treatment and we recommend two applicators. With two applicators, each treatment will be at least 10 minutes and both, internal and external hemorrhoids can be treated during the same treatment. The applicator(s) should be used as often as possible for fast relief. Complete instructions, with illustrations, are included with each unit. For additional information, please read the list of most frequently asked questions and the answers
The tube end is used for INTERNAL haemorrhoids. The special shape of this unique, Patented device gives you FOUR applicators in one unit. The large cap, with rounded corners, allows the special chemical inside so it can be used for the treatment of EXTERNAL haemorrhoids.
The special design of the cap provides three different applicators so the patient can choose the one that fits best, to ensure contact with swollen tissue near the rectal cavity.


The large cap section eliminates the risk of the patient getting hurt by accidentally introducing the probe too deep, or even completely. The length of the tube is optimized, it will never hurt the patient.

Easy Application:
ANUICE® is sold with a one ounce bottle of ANUICE® LUBRICANT to help the insertion. This water-base lubricant is completely harmless and it is approved for this application. Each and every ANUICE® unit is inspected by a quality control person who applies a Security Seal to the exterior box.
  Other Advantages of Anuice®
ANUICE® provides fast relief from pain, itching, inflammation, burning and bleeding. ANUICE® is clean and odorless. It can be used in the privacy of your home.
ANUICE® is very economical, the applicator is reusable for over six months. This is important because new hemorrhoids can appear long after existing hemorrhoids have been relieved. ANUICE® is registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) - FDA Registration Number: 1063212. It is manufactured in the U.S.A. according to strict government regulations.
ANUICE® does not use creams or ointments. CHEMICALS in creams and ointments can cause allergic reactions that would cause irritation. Only the cold is in contact with the tissues. It has no side effects. ANUICE® is recommended for post-surgery to promote healing.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) Registration No. 1063212 Patent No. D437642S


30 day money back guarrentee!

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Anuice for hemorrhoids (piles) is a cryotherapy device (cold treatment). 100% Natural, drug free. Reduces inflammation, itching, pain and bleeding from hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Safe and economical. Guaranteed.

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